Force on Force Active Shooter Training Equipment

The most advanced, stress-based, force on force training systems available! Train anywhere, anytime without wasting valuable resources on safety equipment and prepping training areas. Role players and bystanders are now safe to become part of the training scenario.


The irM4 replicates an M4 in feel and function. The selector switch allows the training rifle to operate in safe, single shot, and three round burst. It can be outfitted with duty sights, lights, stocks and other attachments. The irM4 syncs wirelessly to the irVest to record shot data, accuracy and more. It features a bright muzzle flash, ammunition accountability with the SmartMag, live noise and recoil. The irM4 comes in both standard or short barrel length (pictured above).


A full-scale MOLLE vest that houses ten sensors for receiving iCOMBAT weapon shots. The MOLLE irVest allows attachment of your service pouches and add-ons, allowing unlimited tactical configurations. The irVest is constructed of durable rip-stop nylon and meets industry standards in toughness. The irVest is the central component of the iCOMBAT system because it tracks all data and communicates with the ICE software. All weapons and add-ons sync wirelessly to the vest in seconds for a hassle-free training experienceMultiple illuminating sensors and audible beepers alert the officers to hits. Pair it with the StressX belt for even better training. (Available in black or ACU pattern)



Step up the intensity with stress-based training! The StressX shocking belt delivers a pain penalty to the wearer when hit. It raises stress levels and ensures more tactical movement. Several configurations are available to simulate wounds, vibrate and otherwise alert the operator when he or she has been shot. The StressX belt has standard shock and vibrate options built in, but can be configured in unlimited ways through the ICE software. IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS SHOCKED, THEN IT'S TRAINING!


The irPistol is based on one of the most popular pistols in the world. Never before has a laser weapon of this caliber been created. The weight, function, and action are identical to an actual 9mm pistol. The irPistol can be synced to the vest and used in conjunction with the irM4. It features a bright muzzle flash, live noise and recoil, real pistol action including a locking slide, and ammo accountability with the SmartMag.       



The wireless, adjustable headband includes four additional sensors and a beeper to guarantee effective head shots. It can be worn with or without an irVest. (Available in black or ACU pattern)






The CCM (Command Center Module) is used in conjunction with the ICE software to wirelessly connect and control every iCOMBAT device. The CCM features a strong antenna that is able to connect up to 100 devices up to a mile away. This gives a central operator complete control over every item in the training area. The ICE software allows the operator to see what is happening and quickly run scenarios. The CCM server connects to your computer via USB and only one is required.